Surface Hardening with Advanced Laser Heat Technologies

Laser Heat Treating, also known as laser hardening, is used both to improve resistance mechanical damage by increasing hardness and to improve fatigue resistance by developing compressive residual stresses at the surface of components.


Minimal Heat Input for very low or negligible Distortion

Laser heat treatment is a unique process in which the workpiece is heated very quickly (approximately 900oC/second) using a laser, then as the laser moves away, the part cools very rapidly without any external quenching media (i.e., no water or oil required). Nothing physically touches the workpiece except laser light.

Higher Hardness Achievable

Laser heat treatment is ideal for alloys like 4140/4145 and 4330V. The hardened depth on these materials is typically 1 mm (0.040″) and can be as hard as 60 HRC for 4145. A significant compressive residual stress is also formed at the surface of hardened components, which can improve fatigue life, in particular for rotating components.

Accurate Localized Control

A feature that separates laser heat treatment from other surface-hardening methods is that only the area you need hardened is affected, not the entire part. This process is especially suitable for hardening complex configurations in hard to reach areas. We the capabilities to Laser Heat Treat both inside and outside diameters.

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