Western Canada’s Copper Plating Experts

Copper Plating is an electrochemical process where Copper is deposited onto a metal surface. Apollo Machine offers world-class copper plating in Edmonton and across North America. Using the immersion plating technique, we have the capability to copper-plate your stainless steel components, or sections of components, from the smallest part to components up to 14′ long and 16″ in diameter. The immersion technique offers a superior bond to brush plating and allows us to plate internal, external diameters and complex geometries. We are one of the few shops to be VAM® certified.

Several Benefits to Copper Plating

Galling – Copper Plating threads is a popular option to prevent galling in the Oil & Gas industry. Galling of metals can be a costly problem as material is transferred from one metal part in contact with another. The effect can be seized threads, or tool joints that won’t come apart without damage to the threads—if they come apart at all. A tried-and-true solution to this problem is copper plating, particularly when using an alloy that is prone to galling, which is sometimes referred to as cold welding. With our procedures and state-of-the-art process control, copper-plated components can survive multiple makeup-breakout cycles without flaking or peeling of the coating.

Conductivity – Copper has very high electrical conductivity, it actually has the highest conductivity of any metal.  Thin layers of copper can function as a very effective conductor for electrical components. We have seen copper used on several parts in wireline and MWD assemblies.

Decorative Value – Copper Plating offers value added services to components with a perceived high cost, luxurious finish. We have plated small to large items for various application for aesthetic appearance.