Precision Grinding – Honing – Lapping: Under one roof!

Apollo Machine offers a variety Abrasive Machining Services. Abrasive Machining produces a smooth surface finish while enabling precise control over the workpiece. Surface finishes are approximately 10 times better compared to milling and turning machining. We are leading service providers for precision grinding, honing and lapping.

Precision Grinding to Extreme Tolerances

Surface grinding is most suitable for producing tight tolerances and mirror finishes on flat, square, and parallel surfaces. We have the capabilities to work with parts up to 32” long and 16” wide. We are able to achieve tolerances as low as 0.0002” and finishes up to__ RMS. Surface grinding is most easily performed on ferrous materials, as parts are held down magnetically.

Cylindrical Grinding as the name implies, allows cylindrical components to be ground on outside (OD) and inside (ID) diameters. The component, which is either held between centres or a chuck, spins while the grinding wheel traverses the length of the component, slowly removing material. Our cylindrical grinding department houses 6 CNC and manual grinding machines capable on working on parts up to 22” diameter by 100” long. We specialize in grinding hard-faced surfaces that cannot be machined with conventional tooling, such as Tungsten Carbide and Hardchrome. To do this we use speciality wheels that contain Silicon Carbide and Diamond.

Honing Exceptional ID Finishes

ID honing is an internal bore finishing process that provides exceptional roundness, straightness, surface finish and bore size accuracy. A honing machine uses fine grain abrasive stones which are attached to a mandrel. The mandrel is slowly rotated and oscillated inside the bore with an oil lubrication until the desired geometry is obtained, the rate of material removal is quite low. Our Honing service is typically an operation that directly follows our ID drilling/boring processes. We have the capability to hone components up to 12” DIA and 120” long. For smaller bores that require honing, we utilize a vertical hone for faster set-ups and decreased run times.

Precise Lapping for Precise Surfaces

Lapping is a process where a workpiece is placed directly on the surface of a rotating lap plate, which is coated with an abrasive film. This creates small amounts of material removal at a controlled rate. With our special tooling and procedures, Apollo Machine can finish workpieces without introducing the stresses and heat damage sometimes seen in surface grinding. We specialize in single-side lapping, ideal for small parts and any sealing surface.