Apollo is proud to announce our involvement in the innovative Canada-Germany 3+2 program.

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Apollo is proud to announce our involvement in the innovative Canada-Germany 3+2 program. This initiative is dedicated to bolstering international collaboration between our two great nations and integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into Apollo’s laser-based industrial metal additive manufacturing capabilities. Apollo will play a pivotal role in the project as the final demonstrator of the technology building from our 14 years-experience in laser-based manufacturing. Special thanks to the Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) for their support and to our project partners who we are excited to work with for the next three years. We look forward to an exciting, more intelligent future.

Apollo-Clad Laser Cladding featured in the Canadian Welding Bureau’s

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Apollo-Clad Laser Cladding was recently featured in the Canadian Welding Bureau’s (CWB) quarterly WELD magazine as an innovative Canadian company. This Q&A session with one of Apollo’s senior welding engineers, Dr. Gentry Wood, showcases the versatility of laser technology in Canadian manufacturing with details on our history, current applications and capabilities, and prospects for the future.

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Apollo’s Researcher featured in American Welding Society

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Gentry Wood, part of Apollo’s outstanding team of engineers, was highlighted in the December 2019 edition of the Welding Journal. His work has been recognized both in Canada and now the US for using engineering fundamentals to push the limits of productivity of the laser cladding process. Read his story here that demonstrates Apollo’s commitment to developing innovative solutions from some of the industry’s best and brightest.

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High Temperature Carbide Brazing

Introducing another in-house service! – Apollo-Clad now provides powder welding services for hardfacing. When Tungsten Carbide tiles, bricks  are combined with sprayed spherical tungsten carbide and bonded with a matrix, it provides an excellent wear resistant coating. Large angular crushed Tungsten Carbide in a brass matrix can also be added for enhanced cutting and reaming capabilities.

To learn more, please view our Brazing page or contact us today!


Deep Hole Drilling / Trepanning

New Unisig Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Introducing our newest machine to the Apollo fleet. Unisig B700 Deep Hole Drilling Machine.

We are currently configured to drill up to 8.5″ ID  and to a drill depth of 157″ LG one-way, for a maximum drill depth  of 310″ end-to-end.

20 Years of Service

Apollo Machine and Apollo-Clad Services would like to congratulate and present an appreciation gift to Alfred Heckel and Ryszard Malek on 20 YEARS of service! A great accomplishment!


Kids Picnic

Apollo Machine and Apollo-Clad Services held their annual Family Picnic at the Edmonton OTS Park last weekend.
Events included face painting, petting zoo, kids prizes and a bouncy castle!