Comprehensive, Quality-Driven Machine Services

At Apollo, our vision is to be the best supplier of innovative and quality manufactured products using our advanced equipment, backed by the knowledge and experience of our people. As a complete one-stop shop, we have the capabilities to meet your needs across a broad spectrum of requirements. This advantage also enables us to control all manufacturing processes in-house, so you benefit from complete turnkey solutions that outpace industry standards in price and lead-time.

Apollo machine capabilities

The Capabilities to do it all

Our precision machining operations and manufacturing capabilities can handle small to large production volumes. We have a wide range of machines, that allows us to use the right equipment for the job. Whether its intricate, highly detailed, tiny pins. Or big, robust, heavy subs, with large amounts of material removal. We have the correct tooling needed to ensure a quality product, in a timely manner, at a competitive cost. We can take a product concept and, through planning and expertise, turn it into a viable product. No matter what we do, we never compromise on quality or accuracy.

The System to ensure the best results

The Apollo Machine and Welding Quality Management System is designed to provide conformance to the requirements of API Specification Q1 9th Edition and ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacture and repair of Oilfield Drilling Tools and Wellhead Equipment; Provision of Threading and General Machining Services with the exclusion of design. Procedures are written and maintained to describe process flow from Quotations through Planning, Purchasing, Production, Inspection and Shipping.

Our People – the Core of Our Strength

All our employees are highly skilled individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in machining practices. They are the reason why Apollo has earned its reputation of excellence. We know that on-time delivery, quality, safety and competitive pricing are extremely important to our customers. That’s why we strive at all times to meet our client’s specifications, focus on a culture where new ideas prosper, and challenge the status-quo to meet and exceed expectations. In all we do, we uphold professionalism and high ethical standards in all dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and our community.

Our Machine Services include: