The Best People, Technology and Processes

Through our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, cutting-edge technology, and highly experienced technicians, Apollo can manufacture, repair and enhance even the most complex parts. We do it all on your schedule – all at competitive prices. We serve customers across a range of critical industries including, oil and gas, mining, heavy equipment, pulp and paper, power generation, aerospace, subsea and medical.

Quality Driven, Quality Assured

Quality is job number one at Apollo. To ensure product excellence, our quality department uses the latest inspection techniques and certified inspection equipment. On every project our people scrutinize every detail of their work and provide 100% visual and dimensional inspection on all machined components. In addition to having ISO 9001:2008 and API Q1 certification, we provide large-scale ZEISS Accura CMM as well as magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) capabilities.

Training the Best

At Apollo, we invest in our professionals through ongoing training in best practices and new techniques, internal training programs, training in standard operating procedures for repeat parts, and monthly refresher training sessions. To provide seamless service, we conduct cross-training throughout all machine centers, so team members can easily fill in for their co-workers.

Exceptional Customer Service

More than building solutions, we build long-term relationships. We maintain exceptional customer service via weekly open order reports and a transparent manufacturing process. We focus on the specific needs of each customer and offer the services of a dedicated, knowledgeable customer liaison professional that helps design products with manufacturing in mind. What’s more, an assigned team provides our business partners with regular updates and communication throughout the entire production cycle of every order.

Quality Management System

Ensuring quality is a never-ending commitment at Apollo. We support our staff with a quality management system designed to continuously improve our processes and increase effectiveness. From a preventive maintenance schedule to failure mode and effects analysis, corrective and preventative action and R&R (Repeatability and Reliability) Programs, we implement what is required to meet the highest standards in quality.

HSE Focused

Key to our success is our emphasis on health, safety and the environment.  To that point, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees, visitors and neighbors. Whether in management positions or any other level of personnel, our people are committed to continuous joint HSE efforts. This includes attending monthly safety meetings, conducting annual certified safety audits, the engagement of employees in HSE initiatives and WHMIS training for all staff.