Continuous innovation in Manufacturing Automation

Apollo Machine’s manufacturing sector offers an abundance of choice to those looking for state-of-the art machining services. Our strong vision and relentless focus on investing in innovative technologies, equipment, processes and ideas have one goal in mind: to deliver the best solutions for our customers and make their products even better. Our commitment to giving our customers direct access to the best machines on earth coupled with open communication, proven knowledge, and expertise, is what separates Apollo Machine apart from everyone else.

Achieving Advanced Manufacturing through Automation

Automation enables our advanced manufacturing process by adding increased machine utilization, consistent quality and highly repeatable production processes for cost-effective, consistent machining results.

In today’s competitive CNC manufacturing world, we have invested in equipment that allows us to specialize in high volume, contract, batch or production machining. As Apollo continues to automate through the use of robotic systems, we discover even more applications to meet our customers’ manufacturing requirements that translates into better output and ultimately lower cost for the customer. Not to mention, new potential revenue streams for our customers as we contribute to their innovation.

Delivering Live tooling through Multi-Axis
Mill-Turn Centers

Mill-Turn Machines are multi-tasking, multi-function CNC machines used for producing complex work pieces in one operation. Apollo Machine  has made significant investments in a wide range of advanced, high-performance, customizable machines capable of doing just that! This has allowed us to cut cycle time by as much as 30% with less handling of the workpiece.

The flagship of our machine fleet is the Mori Seiki NT6600 multi-axis mill-turn machine. This machine has revolutionized what can be done on one machine. It boasts the world’s largest Y-axis travel and the fastest Z-axis traverse rate. Ideal for large and long workpieces seen in the Nuclear, Aerospace and Oil & Gas Industries.