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White Paper: Introduction to the Process and Benefits of Laser Cladding

Learn about the advantages of laser cladding compared to alternative arc welded coatings and how this state-of-the-art process can be used for additive manufacturing to 3D print features onto existing structures at a reduced cost compared to conventional manufacturing processes. Read the White Paper and be introduced to basic cladding principles, the benefits of laser processing, use cases for laser-based coatings today and laser cladding process fundamentals. Download this white paper >

White Paper: Applications for Laser Cladding

Advanced laser-based techniques are of critical importance for applications in mould and tool, aircraft and aerospace, as well as automotive industry, mining, construction and agriculture. This process is also used to alter surface performance to maintain the mechanical strength and ductility requirements of the substrate. Find out more on how laser cladding delivers precision in repair, surface coating and performance for key industries around the world by reading this White Paper. Download this white paper >

White Paper: Cost of Ownership for Drill String Components Subject to Extreme Wear Environments

Subjected to extreme in-service conditions, drill string stabilizers require special protective coatings to ensure performance and survivability in some of the most severe environments on earth. The impact of the technical decisions of coating type and deposition technology can have a significant impact on the run time hours for new components, the repair cycles, and overall service lifetime of a drill string stabilizer, all of which affect ownership costs. Read the White Paper to discover how laser cladding can provide the lowest total cost of ownership for drill string components. Download this white paper >