All the Machining Expertise You Require. All from the Industry Experts.

At Apollo, we stay at the forefront of innovative machining and milling technology to ensure you benefit from high-quality products that meet the critical demands of today’s industries. With more than four decades of experience across a diverse range of sectors, we understand your business needs and respond with unmatched expertise to deliver the best results. We use advanced computer-aided software to manufacture equipment to meet your design specifications, and leverage the strengths of machining experts to satisfy a wide range of your product development needs.

Technology-driven Turnkey Solutions

Our 120,000 sq. ft. advanced manufacturing facility incorporates the latest state-of-the-art equipment and machining technology, ensuring an uncompromising commitment to quality and compliance to exacting engineering standards. Highly accurate and repeatable, CNC machining allows for quick, precise material removal. Our skilled machinists can work with a wide range of materials. From initial design to finish, we control all aspects of the manufacturing process in-house, enabling us to deliver high quality, complete turnkey solutions cost effectively with exceptional turnaround times.

CNC Milling – Machining Ideas into Reality

High precision CNC milling services remains the core competency of Apollo Machine. Our 15 CNC centers provide the advanced techniques and experienced machinists to exceed your expectations, every time. Whatever your challenge, we follow a process that’s designed for efficiency. Our precision CNC machining capabilities are driven by advanced CAD/CAM software for greater precision. We offer vertical machine centers and horizontal pallet changers with a table capacity ranging up to 78” wide by 96” long. Whether the project is simple or complex, we are utilize three, four or five-axis machines to produce your parts in a fraction of the time at a high standard of quality.

CNC Turning – Made to the Most Exacting Standards, Yours.

Your needs are unique. That’s why we start with your specific challenge to create the right solution. Working closely with you, we customize in machine components that range in size from under an inch to 28″ in diameter. We are experienced in machining materials such as Alloy Steel, high-strength non-magnetics, titanium, Air-Craft grade Aluminum, Plastics, Stellite, and Inconels. We repeatedly produce highly complex parts with tolerances as low as 0.0005″ and lengths up to 230″.